Die Sinker Electrical Discharge Machine - S1270 CMAX

Die Sinker Electrical Discharge Machine - S1270 CMAX


Table Travel (X)mm1200
Table Travel (Y)mm700
Servo Travel (Z)mm500
Max. Workpiece Dimensions (WxD)mm1860 x 1120
Max. Filling Height of Dielectric Tankmm460
Distance Between Chuck to Tablemm395 - 895
Max. Workpiece Weightkg5000
Max. Electrode Weightkg400
Table Size (WxD)mm1350 x 820
Machine Weightkg6500


Max. Working CurrentA120
Overall Power ConsumptionKVA12


Tank CapacityL1875
Filter Densityμm20
Filter Elementspc6
  1. Machining in 3D mode allows to spark and orbit along any angle, vector, or path.

  2. Built-in C-axis EROWA/3R (option).

  3. Up to 7 axes control. 6 axes simultaneously including C-axis (helix).

  4. IPC industrial CPU, color LCD screen. FAGOR linear scale with 0.001mm resolution (standard).

  5. C5 ball screw with pre-loaded double nut, P class linear guides with extra-long blocks, self-designed strong heat-treated FC25 casting. In combination with proper maintenance advised by OSCARMAX ensure high accuracy and reliability for decades.

  6. AC servo drive with feedback and active vibration suppression to maintain process stability and surface integrity.

  7. V8 Copper and graphite special circuit to increase efficiency and minimize electrode wear-out.

  8. TURBO (standard) & EZ SPARK (option) – OSCARMAX self-developed high-speed circuits help to increase efficiency and MRR of standard (TURBO) and super hard (EZ-SPARK) materials. especially for deep ribs and roughing operations.

  9. Technologies for sparking steel (SKD11, P20, NAK80, STAVAX, stainless steel), aluminum, tungsten-carbide, titanium, copper, copper alloys and nickel alloys materials using graphite, copper, and tungsten-copper electrodes.

  10. Automatic cycles for edge find, center find, corner find, rotation angle for easy workpiece and electrode set up.

  11. Remote connection (option). G-link between CMAX controller and Windows PC. Allows start/stop machine, upload program, display real-time parameters and program information, run record.

  12. Error message record and description for easy troubleshooting.

  13. Electrode offset file import from CMM machine.

  14. CAM software output transfer to .NC file (postprocessor not included).

  15. Remote control box with MPG for easy operation.

  16. E-code and automatic programming.

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