OSCARMAX has had 30 years of history since being established in 1985. Over many years, OSCAMRAX has been totally dedicated to design and manufacturing of electrical discharge machines. Our objective is to subvert the general impression of low machining speed of EDMs. Therefore, we have spent great efforts in developing high speed EDM machining technology, where to create the best results in speed, accuracy and surface roughness.

Modular Design | Fully Meet Customers’ Requirements

Taiwan’s machine tool industry is unique in the world,
providing the advantages of fast assembly and easy access to parts.
With these advantages, OSCARMAX has successfully developed 62 models of EDMs to meet various market demands.
All models are available to make changes in design to suit customers’ requirements.
OSCAMRAX offers the most comprehensive range of models including traditional type, CNC type and multiple 6 axes type in order to satisfy the market requirements precisely.
Currently OSCARMAX is the leading OEM manufacturer of EDMs in Taiwan and Korea.

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