Electrical Discharge Machine As A Career Job - You Must Be Really Picky!
Electrical Discharge Machine As A Career Job - You Must Be Really Picky!

Electrical Discharge Machine As A Career Job - You Must Be Really Picky!

Simply ask anybody who has chosen electrical discharge machining as a vocation and you will soon learn that you must be as fussy as they come.

That probably removes the majority of people. Nonetheless, practically everything you pick up that is composed of plastic was manufactured in major part via the electrical discharge machining technique. Few people are aware of this, and even fewer have any clue what I'm talking about. It's one of those unsung tasks that everyone appreciates but is ignorant of. Electrical discharge machining is the primary tool of the trade in the plastic injection mold manufacturing business.


What is electrical discharge machining, often known as EDM?

To avoid technical jargon and long explanations, consider the following:

Make an imprint with a coin, such as a nickel, in some silly putty or bread dough. It will seem identical to the coin, except that the design will be reversed.

That is an illustration of how electrical discharge machining works. Now consider cutting the image on the nickel into a piece of copper or graphite using incredibly advanced computer-controlled machinery. Graphite, as found in pencil leads. You can simply purchase high-grade graphite blocks and carve shapes into them; in fact, graphite is the most often used material for EDM.

Naturally, it is cut in the reverse image of what you see on the coin to ensure that the final product is accurate. You now use a chunk of steel in place of the silly putty. Similar to an old-fashioned printing press, you place it on a particular table, clamp it down, and place the graphite block above it in a holder. As a result, the graphite is secured to the steel, which is secured to a machine table.


Why is the EDM operator so picky?


This procedure is mostly concerned with correctly configuring the system. The graphite must be perfectly aligned with the steel, the electrical settings must be precise, and the oil must be precisely managed as well. If even one of these factors is incorrect, you will end up with scrap metal. Not only that, but you may not realize it for many hours or even days, since the process is sluggish and everything is immersed in oil!

Once your setup is complete, you must finally press the button to start the procedure. However, since you can't see much due to the oil, it's often an anxious period at the beginning.

Another reason for the prudence is that an electrical discharge operator is often responsible for many equipment concurrently. Keeping track of the many details needs a great level of effort and care.


For the appropriate individual, EDM may be a highly fulfilling career path. You must be tenacious, meticulous, ready to tolerate failure and correction, eager to work long hours, and enthusiastic about technology. Job security might be excellent for a well qualified electrical discharge machining operator.

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