The Best EDM (Electrical discharge machining) Machines (highly recommended)
Electrical Discharge Machine

The Best EDM (Electrical discharge machining) Machines (highly recommended)

EDM machine uses electrical energy to “erode” workpiece material. It generates a series of high-frequency sparks between an electrically conductive workpiece and an electrode made of copper, brass, graphite or tungsten, and alloys from each of them.


As the spark jumps from the electrode to the workpiece, it carries away microscopic bits of material that are then flushed away by a dielectric fluid. The fluid is generally deionized water or specialized non-conductive oil. Extremely fine finishes are possible, as well as accuracies best measured in microns.


There are three distinct types of EDM: Wire EDM, also known as “WEDM,” EDM hole drills, and conventional, or “sinker,” EDM. They all rely on the same principle of high-energy erosion and are all available with up to five axes of motion, but you can get more axes with a rotary attachment.


All three are able to machine everything from aluminum to carbide, provided the material is conductive. One key difference, however, is the electrode, which can be thought of as a cutting tool.


OSCARMAX has been leading EDM machine manufacturer in the world. Over many years, OSCAMRAX has been totally dedicated to design and manufacturing of best electrical discharge machines. Our objective is to subvert the general impression of low machining speed of EDMs. Therefore, we have spent great efforts in developing high speed EDM machining technology, where to create the best results in speed, accuracy and surface roughness.

Die Sinker EDM
Micro Drill EDM

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