Electric Discharge Machining and Its Benefits
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Electric Discharge Machining and Its Benefits

Today’s manufacturers are turning to EDM or electrical discharge machining every time traditional machining techniques have reached their limits.

Thermal energy is used in the process of EDM for removing excess materials from a certain object to create the shape required for the task. Although this is not really the most common process of CNC machining available, many engineers turn to it every time they need to develop parts that are simply difficult to machine.

The EDM bears some similarity to processes like laser cutting. This doesn’t use or require mechanical force for removal of the surplus material. It is the reason why a lot of people consider this manufacturing process as non-traditional.

The process comes in handy in tooling and molding for various industries. The following are some of the unique benefits associated with electrical discharge machining:

You Can Use EDM on Hardened Materials

Other processes of conventional machining have to be done before the workpiece can be hardened. EDM, on the other hand, works great even on hardened materials. This means that is easier to prevent any possible deformation that can result from the heat treatment.

EDM Allows Different Depths and Shapes

Thanks to EDM, you will be able to reach depths and shapes that might not seem possible with using a simple cutting tool. This is an efficient technique for deep processes with extremely high diameter ratios and tool lengths. Through the EDM process, you will be able to cut those narrow slots, sharp internal corners, as well as deep ribs with relative ease.

EDM Promotes Improved Surface Finish

There are manufacturers who claim that the injection molding’s surface finish is typically better with the EDM compared to the traditional methods. There might be some truth in it since electrical discharge machining provides surfaces with fine finishes and improved precision.

EDM Works on All Types of Electrically Conductive Materials

Every time you hear of EDM manufacturing, its ability of working on an extensive variety of materials is probably the first thing that comes to mind. EDM will always be the most suitable process provided that you are using an electrically conductive material.

With EDM, it becomes more likely to machine the parts which are not easy for conventional machining methods. It can include parts that are made from tungsten carbide and titanium.

EDM Eliminates the Involvement of Mechanical Force

The last but definitely not the least advantage that electrical discharge machining has to offer is that there won’t be any mechanical force placed on the specific workpiece. This means that there is no need for you to be concerned about creating fragile outlines. It becomes easy and possible since increased cutting force is not required before the material is removed. Since there is no contact that takes place between the workpiece and the tool, there are also no concerns about mechanical stress.

The Bottom Line

Electrical discharge machining or EDM continues as the key solution for extremely challenging machining applications. This allows engineers to restructure materials every time old methods are impossible or difficult. This exceptional process allows the development of top-quality components.

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