Micro Drill Electrical Discharge Machine - EXD645

Micro Drill Electrical Discharge Machine - EXD645
1 CPU Intel i3 Grade.

2 PC Base, equipped with Windows LTSC Entrepreneurial Operating System.

3 3.5" colored touch screen on remote control.

4 21.5" 1920x1080 touch screen on panel with HDMI interface.

5 USB interface for downloading or uploading data via Internet.

6 Traditional Chinese & English display available.

7 Authorised users setting system.

8 Maintenance Checklist System.

9 ECO stand-by mode for power saving.

10 Calendar system to schedule planned jobs.

11 Equipped with IIOT, where use API(DLL file) to work remotely, and possible to display with other machines' working data.

12 Notification buy email while jobs are finished.

13 Utilization calculation system.

14 Fluid degree data records automatically.

15 Records and display the job.

16 Operating manual available on the system.

17 Digital voltmeter equipped.

18 FUZZY program editor.

19 Sparking depth location analytic diagram.

20 Sparking wave profile diagram.

21 Screenshot funtion.

22 Backup restore function.


Table Travel (X)mm600
Table Travel (Y)mm400
Servo Travel (W)mm500
Guide Travelmm500
Max. Workpiece Dimensions (WxD)mm870 x 750
Guide(30mm) to Work Tablemm25 - 525
Max. Workpiece Weightkg690
Table Size (WxD)mm650 x 450
Machine Weightkg2000


Max. Working CurrentA50
Overall Power ConsumptionKVA4.6


Tank CapacityL60
Filter Densityμm10
Filter Elementspc1


  • Electrode Tube: Ø0.1mm
  • Depth: 3.8mm x 600 holes
  • Time: 4 hours
  • Drawing automatic transfer with 6 axes machining.


  • Electrode Tube: Ø0.7mm
  • Workpiece: Turbine blade
  • Depth: 40 holes with breakthrough
  • detect system
  • Time: 30mins


  • Electrode Tube: Ø0.1mm
  • Real hole: Ø0.12mm
  • Time: 2 mins (total)
  • Depth: Ø0.2mm x 6 holes

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