Micro Drill Electrical Discharge Machine - SD550 ZNC Plus

Micro Drill Electrical Discharge Machine - SD550 ZNC Plus
Electrical Discharge Machining is a way in which metals are removed through Electrical Discharge or electrical spark from a workpiece of desired length and shape. In EDM, no mechanical force is needed, nor are heavy tools used for the process. Hence, it greatly differs from the traditional machining ways. Micro Drill EDM is a specialized form of EDM whereby the workpieces have features as small microns. OSCARMAX has the necessary knowledge and experience to be your trusted EDM supplier for micro workpiece.

【Hardware Features】
● High speed MOSFET driven machining circuit for fast machining and high, medium and low voltage options. Ideal for fine and micro hole (with reduced copper tube wastes) and special substance machining.
● Auto-Stop-Device.
● The span of structure & support contact are strong design with turcite sheet to keep the casting even in high loading situation can keep machine high accuracy.
● Power failure memory can last for 10 years.
● Equip with copper auxiliary clamp, allows efficient machining for 0.15mm and below tubes.
● Plug-in stainless r tank design for better maintenance of fluid/water.

【Software Features】
● Two-stage machining function, processing depth in the preceding paragraph will automatically reduce processing current cater formation on the surface of the workpiece.
● Memory of machining parameters and fast retrieve.
● S circuit – capable of machining aluminum alloy and special steel metals.
● Micro-eletric function designed to machine with 0.12mm and below tubes.
● Depth setting programmable for blind holes.
● Parameter changes during machining.
● Capable of machining super hard alloy metal in irregular, sphere and curve shapes.


Table Travel (X)mm550
Table Travel (Y)mm400
Servo Travel (W)mm345
Guide Travelmm200
Manual Guide Travelmm150
Max. Workpiece Dimensions (WxD)mm1075 x 540
Guide(30mm) to Work Tablemm45 - 395
Max. Workpiece Weightkg1000
Table Size (WxD)mm800 x 450
Machine Weightkg1950


Max. Working CurrentA50
Overall Power ConsumptionKVA4.6


Tank CapacityL60
Filter Densityμm10
Filter Elementspc2

Standard Accessories

  1. Filter
  2. Stainless Water Tank [with Detached Flushing Pump (Made in Japan)]
  3. Tool Box
  4. Electrode Guide Ø1.0mm
  5. Precision Electrode Holder Ø0.1~3.0mm
  6. Electrode Tube Ø1.0mm
  7. Calibrating Rod Ø6.0mm
  8. Halogen Work Lamp
  9. Leveling Pad
  10. X, Y-axes Linear Scale (5u)
  11. X, Y, W-axes Ball Screw

Optional Accessories

  1. Filter
  2. LED Lamp
  3. Electrode Guide
  4. Electrode Tube
  5. ER Type Precision collet holder: Ø6.35mm
  6. ER-Precision Adapter
  7. Rotary Axis:B-axis(Submerged) with Control System
  8. 80L Stainless Water Tank
  9. Stainless & Submerged Work Tank & Dieletric Tank
  10. W-axis optional: W-axis(500mm)+Z-axis(350mm) (Available in SD300, 350, 400, 450, 550, 600, 755)
  11. Z-axis optional: Z-axis(500mm)+X-axis(500mm) (Available in SD550, 600, 755)
  12. Finish Stop Device

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