Die Sinker Electrical Discharge Machine - EX 430

Die Sinker Electrical Discharge Machine - EX 430
1. Windows 10 Operating system with industrial CPU i3( or above)64-bit

2. 8G memory and SSD

3. 21.5" multi-touch screen with movable controller.

4. EtherCAT, AC servo system and I/O control platform equipped.

5. Delta ASDA-A3 Servo Drive: Higher responsiveness and shorter settling time.

6. Colored remote control screen, unique design improves user convenience.

7. ECO stand-by mode: Equipped by a motion sensor for power saving.

8. UV light anti-fire monitor.

9. Auto Door [Suitable for EX500-EX1060]


Table Travel (X)mm400
Table Travel (Y)mm300
Table Travel (Z)mm300
Max. Workpiece Dimensions (WxD)mm920 x 505
Max. Filling Height of Dielectric Tankmm215
Distance Between Chuck to Tablemm150 - 450
Max. Workpiece Weightkg550
Max. Electrode Weightkg120
Table Size (WxD)mm650 x 350
Machine Weightkg1200


Max. Working CurrentA60
Overall Power ConsumptionKVA6


Tank CapacityL380
Filter Densityμm20
Filter Elementspc3

Auto-Production Line

  • EDM Control Module Technology
  • EDM Manufacturing Execution System
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Integration Technology with Robot
  • Auto Measurement Technology
Auto-Production Line

Standard Accessories

Optional Accessories

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