Work Table (LxW)mm1100 x 600
Table travel (X)mm700
Table travel (Y)mm550
Servo travelmm345
Electrode Guide Travel (Z-axis Travel Included)mm520
Distance between Platen & Tablemm615-95
Working Fluid and CapacityL80L
Max. Workpiece Weightkgs1500
Machine Weight (net)kgs2950
Power SourceV220/380
Power SourceV415/440
Max. Power ConsumptionKVA4.5
Max. Machining CurrentA60



Standard Accessories

  1. Filter
  2. Stainless Water Tank [with Detached Flushing Pump (Made in Japan)]
  3. Tool Box
  4. Electrode Guide Ø1.0mm
  5. Precision Electrode Holder Ø0.1~3.0mm
  6. Electrode Tube Ø1.0mm
  7. Calibrating Rod Ø6.0mm
  8. Halogen Work Lamp
  9. Leveling Pad
  10. X, Y-axes Linear Scale (1u)
  11. Z, W-axes Encoder
  12. X, Y, Z-axes Double-Nut Ball Screw
  13. W-axis Ball Screw

Optional Accessories

  1. Filter
  2. LED Lamp
  3. Electrode Guide
  4. Electrode Tube
  5. ER Type Precision collet holder: Ø6.35mm
  6. ER-Precision Adapter
  7. Automatic Tool Changer / ATC 16/32T
  8. Automatic Guide Changer / AGC 10G
  9. Rotary Axis: B-axis
  10. 80L Stainless Water Tank
  11. Stainless & Submerged Work Tank & Dieletric Tank
  12. W-axis optional: W-axis(500mm)+Z-axis(350mm) (Available in SD300, 350, 400, 450, 550, 600, 755)
  13. Z-axis optional: Z-axis(500mm)+X-axis(500mm) (Available in SD550, 600, 755)
  14. Finish Stop Device

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