CMAX S860 is Advanced CNC type of sinker edm machines. It features with 3D Mode motion machining. The oil tank capacity is up to 1430liter. The 6 axes are controllable with C, A, B axes which are optional electrode head. Moreover, it can be connected with robot hand, allow to change the electrodes by the robot hand. The machine body is made by casting, where can be load up to 4000kg. The work table is 1250 x 750mm, mostly being used in production of automobile industry.


Table Travel (X)mm800
Table Travel (Y)mm600
Table Travel (Z)mm500
Max. Workpiece Dimensions (WxD)mm1670 x 990
Max. Filling Height of Dielectric Tankmm460
Distance Between Chuck to Tablemm265 - 765
Max. Workpiece Weightkgs4000
Max. Electrode Weightkgs350
Table Size (WxD)mm1250 x 750
Machine Weightkgs5000


Max. Working CurrentA90
Overall Power ConsumptionKVA10


Tank CapacityL1430
Filter Densityμm20
Filter Elementspcs6

-S860 CMAX

-S860 CMAX

Standard Accessories

  1. 15" LCD Screen
  2. Auto Fire Extinguisher
  3. Halogen Work Lamp
  4. Clamping Plate
  5. Leveling Pad
  6. Flushing Nozzle
  7. Patented Electrode Holder
  8. Paper Filter
  9. Drill Chuck
  10. Tool Box
  11. Remote Controller
  12. M.P.G.
  13. Signal Tower Light

Optional Accessories

  1. 3R / EROWA ATC 16/20T
  2. 3R / EROWA ATC 4/6T
  3. 3R / EROWA C-axis
  4. A/B-axis (Unavailable Submerged)
  5. Measuring Probe
  6. Dielectric Cooler
  7. Permanent Magnetic Table
  8. EZ-SPARK for Super Hard Workpiece
  9. High Speed Turbo Machining Circuit

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